PREMIER PEST SERVICES LTD are, and have been, at the forefront of preserving public health in homes and workplaces since we established in 2007. With the ongoing coronavirus issue, we can only highlight the importance of increased awareness of the many risks created when strict hygiene and cleaning routines are not maintained.

PREMIER PEST SERVICES (LINCS) LTD are offering a FULL disinfection and sanitisation service to help preserve public health in the fight against Coronavirus. Our hygiene services can be safely & affordably used in, but not limited to homes, offices, workplaces, schools, vehicles, hotels, care homes, factories, shops, restaurants. Utilizing this specialist level of disinfection and sanitisation will predominantly reduce the risk and spread of viruses & bacteria and help prevent infection & diseases.


PREMIER PEST SERVICES (LINCS) LTD only use specialist equipment & materials allowing the biocides to be passed through the ULV machine generating an airborne mist of micron sized droplets. These droplets diffuse through the treated area and settle out onto surfaces, meaning that the biocides used will be active both as a space spray and a surface spray. The key to successful use of ULV is the production of an optimum size of spray droplet. It must be small enough to remain airborne without being too small to hit surfaces, research has shown the optimum droplet size to be around 15 microns. These droplets are small enough to be carried on air currents into small cracks and crevices that are hard to reach using conventional cleaning and spraying, yet still heavy enough to settle out within an hour, so that treated areas can be re-entered with the minimum of delay.


PREMIER PEST SERVICES (LINCS) LTD use a scientifically proven disinfectant and sanitisation products which have demonstrated viricidal activity relevant to enveloped viruses which includes Coronavirus. Coronaviruses are enveloped viruses with a positive-sense single-stranded RNA genome. Our products have been tested against Adenovirus and Murine norovirus in accordance with EN14476, the European standard for demonstrating viricidal activity of a disinfectant, against the enveloped Vaccinia viruses such as Coronavirus. Full test reports are available on request.

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